About Us

Charles B. Nichols started egg farming decades ago with his wife, Isabella, and their three children Charles, David, and Steve. Charles spent many years caring for his chickens, and finding innovative ways to improve their way of life. One of these ways was taking the birds out of cages and placing nests on the floor for them to walk in and out of at their leisure.

As the years passed this idea became more widespread and become a standard in humane treatment. His dedication to his ranches paved the way for his son Steve, and Steve's wife, Kathy, in taking over Chino Valley Ranchers in 1989 Committed to the traditional roots of chicken farming, Steve has continued in his father's footsteps, and pushed the company further into the organic and specialty side of the egg market.

Since then, Steve and Kathy's son Christopher came on board. Today, just like when we started we're still all about family. We're still devoted to producing the best-tasting 100% pure and natural eggs on the planet. And we still think our hens deserve fresh drinking water from our own wells, freedom to roam around the barn, and a totally natural diet. So we feed our chickens only healthy grains, free from animal by products. You can taste the difference.